Family Law & Mediation



The Mind

Going through a separation is stressful and there are many factors that contribute to anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues. Sometimes, it just becomes too much and we need to find ways to quiet the noise around us and bring ourselves back to center. There are many tools available to do so and you should consult your family physician to determine which one is best for you. I personally use meditation as one of the tools to quiet my mind and regain my focus. I use an app called Calm: It offers several meditation classes and challenges including the Daily Calm, which is my favourite 10 minutes of the day. Mindfulness is a daily practice for me and if you would like more information on this topic, I suggest the following: This may not be suitable for your needs, which is why you must do your own research and have the conversations with those on your support team whether it be medical or not in order to design a mental wellness plan for you that works for your unique needs.     


The Body

Like our minds, our bodies are complex. Each of us have individual and unique needs and there are no one size fits all solutions. Canada's Food Guide can be of assistance as it provides information on how to meet your nutritional needs and much more in terms of healthy eating: I also suggest that you browse the  Participaction website for information on exercise and physical activity: As always, you should consult with your family physician to determine what is best for you in terms of healthy eating and exercise. It is important to stay healthy, especially when you are going through a difficult time in your life such as a separation. 


The Soul

There are  many ways to feed the soul. For some, it is through music, travel, yoga, essential oils, religion, Oprah. Quite frankly, this is an incredibly personal journey for all of us and I say, do whatever makes you feel good and brings you peace. Personally, I love pure essential oils. I use them topically, I diffuse them and I ingest some of them depending on what I am trying to achieve. I love them so much that I am a Wellness Advocate for DoTerra pure essential oils. There is no right or wrong way to nurture your soul, it is an individual choice but I encourage you to find what works for you to stay zen and consult with your family physician to discover other ways of achieving balance in your life, especially when you are going through a separation where your balance and emotional well being will often be challenged. 


Carol Dweck wrote the book called "Mindset" and it helps you understand the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.


Shawn Achor talks about positive psychology as described in his book "The Happiness Advantage".


Brené Brown explains empathy. This is an important life lesson and communication tool. 


Brené Brown talks about an important topic and emotion in separation and divorce: vulnerability.