Family Law & Mediation

Mediation Services


What is Mediation?

The most important component of mediation is that it is a voluntary process that the parties or the mediator can end at any time. 

The mediator is a neutral person, who helps the parties negotiate the terms and conditions of either a temporary or final agreement relating to issues such as adoption, child support, custody, access, child welfare, equalization of net family property, fertility and surrogacy and spousal support. 


My Approach

My approach to mediation is unique because of my background in Communication. Most family disputes relate to how the parties convey information to one another. This becomes an issue especially when children are involved. 

As your mediator, I will assist you in designing a new communication plan for your family using new technologies and other cost effective tools. The purpose of this process is to empower the parties to have productive, flexible, respectful and solutions oriented dialogue going forward.  

The Process

Step 1 - Individual Intake Meetings

This is necessary to determine each party's willingness to participate in mediation as well as their interests, goals and concerns. I will also assess whether any safety issues exist and determine whether mediation is appropriate. 

Step 2 - Joint Mediation Sessions

The parties sign the mediation agreement and I provide the parties with information to ensure they are both fully informed with respect to the issues to be mediated. We discuss mediation objectives and establish the ground rules for communication during the mediation process. Lastly, we determine whether more than one session will be required. Lawyers are welcome to attend the mediation session(s) with their clients if both parties agree.

Step 3 - Agreement

Once the parties have agreed on how the issues are to be resolved, I will prepare the agreement. This is then provided directly to the lawyers for each party to obtain independent legal advice and sign the agreement. I do not provide the parties with any legal advice whatsoever.  customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.