What is the Role of the Children’s Aid Society?

In Ontario, Children’s Aid Societies are mandated by the provincial government to protect children and youth. The following is a list of services that Children’s Aid Societies may provide in accordance with the Child and Family Services Act:

  • Conducting an investigation when allegations are made or evidence is presented with respect to children under the age of 16 that might be in need of protection.
  • Protecting children under the age of 16 who have been harmed or are at risk of being harmed either physically, sexually or emotionally.
  • Providing care to children who are in the legal care of the Children’s Aid Society.
  • Providing guidance, support, counseling and other services to families in order to prevent the harmful acts or omissions that warranted the protection of the children.
  • Placing children for adoption.


What is the Role of the Child Welfare Lawyer?

If the Children’s Aid Society has commenced legal proceedings against you then you should seek the assistance of a lawyer immediately. Child welfare litigation is complex and there are several documents and deadlines that will require your immediate attention. If you do not act immediately and/or properly respond to the allegations that are made against you, there may be serious consequences for you and your children. A lawyer can assist you in reviewing and understanding court documents and the legal process as well as prepare responding materials on your behalf and represent you in court. A lawyer can also assist you in negotiating a settlement with the Children’s Aid Society as well as obtain the disclosure of documents and other records in the possession of the Children’s Aid Society that may be useful to put your best foot forward before the court.

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