Vicky Ringuette is a sole practitioner. She is a bilingual lawyer who is passionate about working with clients to resolve a broad range of family law, child protection and fertility law matters by using alternative dispute resolution processes such as collaborative law, negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration.

She is a firm believer in the notion that resolving a family matter can be a positive experience where parties play an active role in crafting a solution that works for their unique circumstances. She also believes in empowering her clients by providing them with resources so they can make informed decisions that are in the best interests of their families and children.

Vicky completed her post-secondary studies at the University of Ottawa where she obtained her Concentration in Communication (Cum Laude) from the Faculty of Arts in 2001 and her LL.B from the Faculty of Law in 2004. She was called to the Bar in 2005.

Throughout her studies, she had the privilege of working at Rideau Hall, the Library of Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Vicky is a trained mediator passionate about helping others. She believes that Court is not the place for every couple going through a relationship or marriage breakdown. Mediation is an alternative to Court that provides a non-adversarial, informal, confidential and structured setting to discuss issues in dispute with the assistance of a neutral third party, the mediator.

Vicky offers a unique approach to mediation by providing the parties with a communication skills development component to appropriately and respectfully resolve future issues in dispute long after the mediation process is over.  For more information about the mediation process, please go the Mediations and Early Neutral Consultations section of this website.

Vicky is a trained early neutral consultant offering couples who are going through a relationship or marriage breakdown a structured information meeting that will provide them with the legal information they need to understand the separation and/or divorce process as well as the range of options available to them to reach a temporary, partial or final settlement.

Couples should put just as much time and effort into planning their separation and/or divorce as they did planning their wedding or any other serious step they have chosen to take during their relationship. This joint information meeting is meant to empower couples by providing them with the resources needed to reach their separation and/or divorce goals such as referrals and contacts to legal, parenting and financial professionals that may be required to meet the couples needs. This is a neutral and confidential information meeting of approximately 1.5 hours in duration. For more information about the mediation process, please go the Mediations and Early Neutral Consultations section of this website.

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